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Project History 

Phase I of the Wildlife Gardening project is complete.  The area between the annex and main building are developed. More than 150-perennials, shrubs, and vines were planted, and a 10' by 20' pond basin complte with a pool and waterfall abounds with fish, water plants, salamanders, and even a Mud turtle.

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Phase II of the project began in the spring.  Then, 9-raised bed vegetable gardens were built and cultivated for class use.  A "victory garden" of tomatoes, peppers, Indian corn, squash, and more grew over the summer. CES students can expect another bumper crop this summer.

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Phase III of the project continues to evolve.  An apple orchard of trees was planted, and the CES Wildlife Club expects to add pear, peach, and plum trees this fall.

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Phase IV of the project is the most extensive.  The CES  Nature Trail makes a 1/3 mile loop around the school property.  It includes three-perennial flower beds, a 30-foot wooden bridge with a dry river bed, and more than a dozen  trees along its path. The trail will officially be dedicated this spring. Wildlife members are most grateful to the Virginia Environmental Endowment (VEE) for their generous contribution toward its construction.  

Created on: 11/10/98
Last updated: 12/01/98