Grade 5: Science SOL

Scientific Investigation, Reasoning, and Logic
5.1  The student will plan and conduct investigations in which

Force, Motion, and Energy
5.2  The student will investigate and understand how sound is transmitted and is used as a means of    communication.  Key concepts include:

Energy In The Air: Sounds from the Orchestra
Science of Sound
Seeing, Hearing, and Smelling the World
The Soundry

5.3 The student will investigate and understand basic characteristics of white light.  Key concepts include:

Circles of Light   Find out how rainbows are formed.
Dracula's Library   Learn about the properties of light waves, and particles.
Artist Bob Miller's "Light Walk" at the Exploratorium   An eye-opening expereience for students and teachers alike.  His unique discoveries will change the way you look at light, shadow, and images.

5.4 The student will investigate and understand that matter is anything that has mass, takes up space, and occurs as a solid, liquid or gas. Key concepts include:

Chem-4-Kids  A beginner's look into chemistry and the periodic elements.
The Phantom's Portrait ParlorLearn about the principles of atoms and matter.

Living Systems
5.5 The student will investigate and understand that organisms are made of cells and have distinguishing characteristics.  Key concepts include:

Plant and Animal Cells
Classification of Plants and Animals
Missouri Botanical Gardens   Take a trip to through the garden and learn about flowers, plants and nature.
MicroWorlds  Unpack your microscope and prepare for a voyage to unseen worlds.  Online resources offer exciting new opportunities for exploring the field of microscopy.  You haven't really seen something until you've seen it through a microscope.

Interrelationships in Earth/Space Systems
5.6 The student will investigate and understand characteristics of the ocean environment.  Key concepts include:

JASON VII: Adapting to a Changing Sea   The edge of the sea provides habitats and food for the majority of the world's population and also to many aquatic organisms.  It also plays a role in many global cycles, including climate change.  During the JASON VII expedition, researchers, students, and teachers will join Dr. Robert Ballard in an
investigation of several interconnected shallow-water habitats in Southern Florida - the Everglades, Florida Bay, Florida Keys, the Florida reef tract, and the relic reefs on Pourtals Terrace."
PBS: Secrets of the Ocean Realm
Year of the Ocean

Earth Patterns, Cycles, and Change
5.7 The student will investigate and understand how the Earth's surface is constantly changing.  Key concepts include:

Earthforce  The earth is the pushing and pulling in the core, crust, or water of the Earth that causes motion like eruptions, quakes, or floods.
Glaciers and Glacial Ages

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Date Entered: March 6, 1998
Date Updated: January 8, 2001