Grade 3:

Scientific Investigation, Reasoning, and Logic
3.1  The student will plan and conduct investigations:

Force, Motion, and Energy
3.2  Understand simple machines and their uses. Key concepts include:

Simple Machines
Marvelous Machines  A series of experiments about simple machines: levers, wheels and inclined planes. This
unit was designed for use in the third grade.

3.3  Understand that objects can be described in terms of the materials they are made of and their physical properties. Key concepts include:

Life Processes
3.4  The student will investigate and understand that behavioral and physical adaptation allow animals to respond to life needs. Key concepts include:

Animal Migration  Somehow, instinctively, certain animal species know when it's time to move.  Many species
follow seasonal migration patterns, but not all.  There are some truly fascinating migratory patterns to explore in The Spotlight on Animal Migration.  For human beings, migration optional activity.  We call it "vacation."

Living Systems
3.5  Understand relationships among organisms in aquatic and terrestrial food chains. Key concepts include:

3.6  Understand that environments support a diversity of plants and animals that share limited resources. Key concepts include:

Passport to the Amazon Rainforest
Virtual Nature Trail
The Electronic Zoo

Interrelationships in Earth/Space Systems
3.7  Understand the major components of soil, its origin, and importance to plants and animals including humans. Key concepts include:

Soil Science Education Page

Earth Patterns, Cycles, and Change
3.8  Understand basic sequences and cycles occurring in nature. Key concepts include:

3.9  Understand the water cycle and its relationship to life on Earth. Key concepts include RESOURCES
Water in the City  Offers a collection of ideas and resources for investigating hydrogen dioxide in your own
community. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, home of The Franklin Institute, is examined as one case study.

3.10  Understand that natural events and human influences can affect the survival of species.  Key concepts include:

Recycling Coloring Book: For kids! Print and color these pages.

3.11  Understand different sources of energy. Key concepts include:

Energy Quest
Cayuga Heights Elementary School - Check out these Ithaca, New York, cool student energy project. 
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Date Entered: March 6, 1998
Date Updated: January 9, 2001