Grade 5: Math SOL

Number and Number Sense
5.1  The student will read, write, and identify the place values of decimals through ten-thousandths.
5.2  The student will compare the value of two decimals through ten-thousandths using the symbols>,<,or=.

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Computation and Estimation
5.3  The student will create and solve problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of whole numbers, using paper and pencil, estimation, mental computation, and calculators.
5.4  The student will find the product of two numbers expressed as decimals through thousandths, suing appropriate method of calculation, including paper and pencil, estimation, mental mcomputation, and calculators.
5.5  The student, given a dvident of four digits or less and a divisor of two digits or less, will find the quotient and remaniner.
5.6  The student, given a dividend expressed as a decimal through ten-thousandths and a single-digit divisor will find the quotient.
5.7   The student will add and subtract with fractions and mixed numerals, with and without regrouping, and express answers in simplest form.  Problems will include like and unlike denominators, limited to 12 or less.

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5.8   The student will describe and determine the perimeter of a polygon and the area of a square, rectangle, and triangle, given the appropriate measures.
5.9   The student will identify and describe the diameter, radius, chord, and circumference of a circle.
5.10 The student will differentiate between area and perimeter and identify whether the application of the concept of perimeter or area is appropriate for a given situation.
5.11 The student will choose an appropriate measuring device and unit of measure to solve problems involving measurement.
5.12  The student will determine an amount of elapsed time in hours and minutes within a 24-hour period.

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5.13 The student will classify angles and triangles as right, acute, or obtuse.
5.14  The student will measure and draw right, acute, and obtuse angles and triangles, using appropriate tools.
5.15  The student will identify the ordered pair for a point and locate the point for an ordered pair in the first quadrant of a coordinate plane.

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Probability and Statistics
5.16  The student will solve word problems involving probability.
5.17  The student will collect, organize, and display a set of numerical data in a variety of forms.
5.18  The student will find the mean and mode of a set of data.

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Grade 5:  Computer/Technology Standards
5.2 The student will develop basic technology skills.
5.3  The student will process, store, retrieve, and transmit electronic information.
5.4  The student will communicate through application software.