Grade 5: Language Arts SOL

Oral language
5.1  The student will listen, draw conclusions, and share responses in subject-related group learning activities.
5.2  The student will use effective nonverbal communication skills.
5.3  The student will make planned oral presentations.

The Moonlit Road
Handbook for Storytellers

5.4  The student will read and learn the meanings of unfamiliar words.
5.5  The student will read a variety of literary forms, including fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.
5.6  The student will demonstrate comprehension of a variety of literary forms.

Grimm Fairy Tales gopher://
Internet School Library Media Center
The Internet Public Library's Reading Zone

5.7  The student will write for a variety of purposes to describe, to inform, to entertain, and to explain.

Topics to Write About
The Young Writers Club

5.8 The student will synthesize information from a variety of resources.

Electric Library
Britiannica Internet
Info Zone: Research Skills Area
FREE Internet Encyclopedia

Grade 5:  Computer/Technology Standards
5.2 The student will develop basic technology skills.
5.3  The student will process, store, retrieve, and transmit electronic information.
5.4  The student will communicate through application software.