Grade 5: Language Arts Clues

Oral language
5.1, 5.2, 5.3

Go to the mystery site "The Little Red House".  Read,  retell the story, and solve the problem using the clues:
1.  I am a place where John can find a little red house with no doors and a star inside.
2.  John first asked the farmer, but he didn't know.
3.  John next asked Granny, but she didn't know.
4.  John finally found the answer from the wind.
5.  What am I?

5.4, 5.5, 5.6
Go to "Grimm Fairy Tales".  Read the story "The Emperor's New Clothes" to solve the mystery clues:
1.  I am not stupid or ignorant.
2.  I am not one of the two scoundrels.
3.  Because I see things as my eyes show them, I saw through the Emperor's clothes.
4.  Who am I?

Go to this mystery site "Topics to Write About" .  Choose "The Writing Den" to discover this topic:
1.  I have a reputation as being really bad.
2.  People tell a lot of myths about me.
3.  I raise my young in a den.
4.  Because I'm misunderstood, my life is threatened.
5.  What am I?

Go to "Info Zone".  Think about the information presented to find your job.
1.  If you are wondering and need to find information.
2.  If you are seeking by trying to locate and access resources.
3.  If you are choosing by trying to understand and appraise information.
4.  If you are connecting to organize your information.
5.  What are you doing?