Grade 5: Science Clues
Go to "The Soundry"
1.  I  worked in my Menlo Park laboratory in 1877.
2.  I yelled into a speaker as paper was pulled under a stylus.
3.  My yelling could be heard.
4.  I invented the first machine that could record sound.
5.  Who am I?

Go to this mystery site
1.  I travel in waves, but you can't see me move.
2.  I speed along at 186,282 miles per second.
3.  When I reach your eyes, I am known as the visible spectrum.
4.  Without me, you can't read in the dark.
5.  What am I?

Go to "Chem4Kids"
1.  I am a state of matter.
2.  I am not a solid, liquid, or gas.
3.  But I do have weight and take up space.
4.  What am I?

Go to "Virtual Cell"
1.  Like the choroplast, cell wall, and mitrochondrion, I am a part of a plant cell.
2.  There is generally only one of me.
3.  I am the brain center of the cell.
4.  I contain DNA held together by protein.
5.  What am I?

Go to this mystery site
1.  More than 70% of the Earth's surface is covered by me.
2.  More than one-half of the U.S. population live and work within 50 miles of me.
3.  People in the U.S. ate 15 pounds of food from me last year.
4.  Life within me is threatened by pollution, overharvesting, and misunderstanding.
5.  What am I?

Go to "Earthforce"
1.  The ground beneath me is moving at about 2.5 centimeters per year.
2.  My entire surface is broken into big pieces called plates.
3.  Plate movements cause moutnains, valleys, and even islands on me.
4.  Beneath me, the mantle is pushing and pulling causing motion.
5.  What am I?