Go to "Simple Machines"  http://www.fi.edu/qa97/spotlight3/spotlight3.html
1.  Instead of using an axle, I use a rope around a wheel.
2.  As the wheel turns, I help raise and lower objects.
3.  For example, flagpoles use me to raise and lower the flag.
4.  I am a very useful simple machine.
5.  What am I?

Go to "Animal Migration" http://www.fi.edu/qa96/spotlight4/spotlight4.html
1.  If you study the maps, you'll find out I am a bird.
2.  According to the map, I am found in practically every state in the continental U.S.
3.  I am a migratory bird.
4.  I am one of the two birds found on the maps that is seen in Virginia.
5.  What am I?

Go to "Hathaway's Virtual Trail" http://www.pcs.k12.va.us/vtrail/pstop1.htm
1.  Unlike most of my kind,  I  roam about during the daytime.
2.  I coil my tail in an interesting way.
3.  If you bother me, I'll flatten my neck and look mean.
4.  My  round pupils in my eyes tell you that I'm  not venomous.
5.  What plant or animal am I?

Go to this mystery site  http://ltpwww.gsfc.nasa.gov/globe/index.htm
1. You use me for agriculture, forests, recreation, and to build on.
2.  I am made up of clay, silt, and sand.
3.  Animals and organisms such as earthworms live in me.
4.  People find jobs digging, researching, and farming me.
5.  What am I?

Go to this mystery site  http://www.fi.edu/city/water/water.html
1.  Thousands of people tap into me.
2.  You can find me in fountains, rivers, kitchen sinks, puddles, lakes, swimming pools, reservoirs, sewers, and rain.
3.  Without me, a city will die.
4.  I am a precious natural resource that you must respect and conserve.
5.  What am I?

Go to this mystery site  http://www.greenvalley.com/coloring/colorme1.html
1.  If you make a  plastic container into a bird feeder, you are doing me.
2.  If you put used aluminum cans in a bin to be used again, you are doing me.
3.  If you collect used bottles and return them for money, you are doing me.
4.  What am I?

Go to this mystery site  http://www.energyquest.ca.gov/
1.  The sun's light and heat are a form of me.
2.  I come to you as sunlight, water, and wind.
3.  Fossil fuels (coal, oil, natural gas) and wood are also sources of me.
4.  Hydro power and nuclear power are also part of me.
5.  What am I?