Space Bibliography

Title Author


Space Flight
Americans in Space by American Heritage
Satellites in Outer Space by Asimov, Isaac
Rockets, Probes and Satellites by Asimov, Isaac
Finding Out About Rockets by Myring, Lynn

To Space and Back by Ride, S. and S. Okie
Astronauts in Training by Colby, C.
I Can Be an Astronaut by Bhehrens, June
Frank Borman: To the Moon and Back by Westman, Paul

The Moon by Simon, Seymour
What is the Moon Like? by Brankley, Franklin
The Day We Walked on the Moon by Sullivan, George
Going to the Moon by Muirden, James
Mars by Simon, Seymour
Jupiter by Simon, Seymour
Saturn by Simon, Seymour
Uranus by Simon, Seymour
The Planets in Our Solar System by Branley, Franklin

Solar System

101 Questions and Answers About Our Solar System by Gallant, Roy
The Planets: Exploring the Solar System by Gallant, Roy
Our Milky Way and Other Galaxies by Asimov, Isaac


The Glorious Flight by Provensen, A. and M.
Magic School Bus: Lost in the Solar System by Cole, Joanna
War of the Worlds by Well, H.J.
Space Case by Marshall,
Adventures in the Solar System by Williams,T.and D. Regan
Where the Wild Things Are by Sendak, Maurice
A Swiftly Tilting Planet by L'Engle

Tell Me Why: Space, Earth and Atmosphere
Video Rock: Interplanet Janet

National Geographic Society: The Planets
National Geographic Society: The Universe
National Geographic Society: The Solar System and Beyond

Study print
Encyclopedia Britannica: Space Science: The Solar System

Hubbard: Solar System Model

Reference Books
Murmurs to Earth by Sagan, Carl
Solar System by Gallant, Roy A.

Teaching Concepts Inc. Space Hop: a Game of the Planets Space Resources

Mission 21: Science and Technology Across the Curriculum
    "Mission 21" is a unique NASA-funded program that encourages technological literacy in students grades 1-6. It integrates curricular areas into "state-of-the-art technology education. The program is divided into three progressive levels: Grades 1-2, 3-4, and 5-6. Each level contains a Teacher's Resource Binder with sixteen "design briefs" for the four themes, and four-student handbooks on each of the themes. Available through: The International Technology Education Association:  ""

4-H Council Blue Sky Below My Feet: Adventures in Space Technology
    "Blue Sky" is a multimedia educational program created by NASA for 4-H Council. The program includes a "Mission Manual: workbook for students and teacher handbook. It has three 28-minute videotapes that feature information from the space shuttle programs on three topics: forces, food, and fibers. Available through Extension service district offices or on-line:  ""

Young Astronaut Council Exploration and Discovery: Building a Space City
    "Exploration and Discovery" is a space-theme curriculum designed to stimulate student interest in space. It includes hands-on activities to design and build a space city. Learning
packets contain three levels: Trainee (grades K-3), Pilot (grades 4-6), and Commander (grades 7-9).  Also available through: Young Astronaut Council ""
    "Voyager: The Grand Tour"
    "Choices and Challenges of
    New Generation"
    "Space Watch"
    For information contact: Young Astronaut Council
        P.O. Box 65432
        Washington, DC 20036

NASA Teacher Resource Centers (TRCs)
    Centers established throught the country. These centers contain a wealth of information for educators-publications, reference books, slides, audio cassettes, telelectures, computer programs, lesson plans, and more.    Available through: ""
Check out the "Why" files:
        NASA Ames Research Center
        Mail Stop 204-7
        Moffett Field, CA 94035

Rochester Museum and Science Center SpaceArc: The Archives of Mankind

    "SpaceArc" is the ultimate time-capsule project. Students written messages will be launched on an actual satellite into space.  For more information contact: SpaceArc Rochester Museum & Science Center:   ""
        657 East Avenue, Box 1480
        Rochester, New York 140603-1480
        Phone: 716-271-4320

Ranger Rick's NatureScope Astronomy Adventures
    Astronomy Adventures is one of eighteen volumes that focuses on a specific environmental topic. It is filled with "hands-on" activities for grades K through 8. Each volume includes three-informative sections: background information; indoor and otdoor activities; and copycat pages.  For more information contact: NatureScope:""
        1412 16th Street, NW
        Washington, DC 20036-2266
        Phone: 1-800-432-6564