As an elementary teacher of technology education, often when I try to find materials on-line on the World Wide Web (WWW), I discover a labyrinth of links to links, a few leads, and a lot of dead ends.  This column is an attempt to help make sense of the hundreds of technology education resources available on the WWW. Rather than look through a series of search engines to find technology education sites, first try checking out a few from this list.  And if you don't want to keep retyping this list, just use the "bookmark" function to add it to your web browser for future reference.  In this issue, I've done some searching for you on technology education sites that provide general information and are a good starting place.  In the future, this column will explore technology education sites that match the issue's theme.

The International Technology Education Association (ITEA)

Professional organization of technology education teachers provides leadership, and  professional development opportunities, membership services, publications, and
classroom activities. Check out the 61st Annual ITEA Conference that will be held on March 28 - 30, 1999 in Indianapolis, Indiana.
The Technology for All Americans Project
The Technology for All Americans Project funded by NSF and NASA gives a rationale and structure for the study of technology.  It reviews Phase I and Phase II of the Standards for Technology Education.
Scotty's Center for Technology Education
Scotty's center is an in-depth site for links, technology students, philosophy of technology education and  virtual reality and its use in design.