With the advent of the holiday season, what better way to enhance student awareness of the history of technology than to explore the evolution of toys with your students?  Students will be fascinated with the creative process and products inventors realized as toys changed throughout the centuries.  What follows are excellent examples of toy exhibits of the past - from handmade cars to electric ovens.  This may be the incentive and the starting point you were looking for from which to inspire your students to design a toy. Yesteryear Toys

Yesteryear Toys features pictures of steam engines and how they work .  Yesteryear Toys and Books Incorporated is the world's largest source of model toys steam engines from Mamod, Wilesco, Cheddar, Krick, and John Burrell.  It offers a complete range of stationary steam engines, traction engines, toy steam, trains, model boat kits and marine steam models. Yesteryear Toys employs easy to use buttons and text menu to access its toy shop, collector's corner, order catalog,  how steam works?, photo gallery contest, club corner, guest book, dealer information, and about yesteryear toys.
History of Toys and Games Exhibit
The History Channel offers a time line of when toys were invented that includes stories of the inventors behind such classic toys as Barbie and Slinky.   If you want your students to discover the origins of their favorite toys and games -  find out how many crayons are produced each day, who invented Lincoln Logs, or which classic toy truck is the most successful - visit the history of toys and games exhibit.  Students can also learn about the toy industry's most successful inventors, including Milton Bradley and the Parker brothers. Students can also play the special quiz to test their toy smarts. The toy and game exhibit is the brainchild of a group of Minnesota school teachers.
Easy-Bake Oven
As Easy-Bake Oven celebrates its 48th birthday, students find out what is new with this toy, or take a stroll down memory lane and see what has happened historically since the Easy-Bake Oven first came out in 1953.