This column is again devoted to searching out technology education school Web sites. These school sites were chosen for their varied menu offerings from how to create an interactive Web portfolio to technology help files for computer ware. Start with "The Kids Report" - the current issue has a plethora of Internet links.

The Kids Report

The KIDS Report is a biweekly publication produced by K-12 students as a resource to other K-12 students and teachers. It is an ongoing, cooperative effort of classrooms from around the United States. Teachers assist and provide support; however, students select and annotate all resources included in every issue of the report.
Casita Center for Math, Science and Technology
Casita's mission is to educate their students using technology as a learning tool. Students at Casita Center for Technology, Science, and Math display integrate information with real life experiences via an "Interactive Portfolio" (Web site) of the Casita School Community in Action. One student project describes how to build and support a K-5 video studio.
T.C. Walker Elementary School
Includes a student page that uses the principles of balance and design to make search engines, homework helpers, and student sites easily accessible to the user.
Hartsfield Elementary School
An elementary school in Tallahassee, Florida with a strong commitment to computers and technology uses an interesting Web page design. Visitors are invited to discover "Who We Are", "What We Do", and "Things We'd Like to Share With You" on Hartfield's home page.  It even contains a live picture of their media center with an updated image every 30 seconds!
Anne E. Moncure Elementary School
Mrs. Bogucki's Third Grade Class Resources at Anne E. Moncure Elementary School is involved in technology activities such as how to make grapefruit globes, how to make a driedel, and  Landform Bingo.  The latter page can be reloaded to change the words around in order come up with different Bingo cards!
Buckman Elementary School
A digital photograph by Rose welcomes visitors to the Buckman School World Wide Web Server. The school's Web resource page includes "Help Files" such as:   How to Copy Files from "Shared Software", How to Copy Your Web pages onto the Webserver, How to Use the QuickCam, How to Capture Still Images or Movies from Video Cameras or VCRs,  and How to Use the Epson Scanner or Apple OneScan Scanner.