Not only is it important for elementary students to learn about the importance of tools in shaping their world, but they should also begin to explore the people who developed those tools, the inventors. Their innovations decrease workloads, increase comfort, and provide leisure time.  This column is devoted as a tribute to those inventors who have revolutionized how our world works today.

Zoom Inventors and Inventions

This site contains information on famous inventors A-Z, from  Archimedes who  around 260 BC developed the lever to Frank J. Zamboni who in 1949 invented the Zamboni Ice Resurfacing Machine. Here students can look up brief facts about inventors and inventions in the alphabetical index.
Greatest Inventors and Inventions
This ThinkQuest site profiles twelve great inventors and their inventions.  Carver, Fermi, Eddison, Eastman, and Deere are all here.  Once you ENTER the light bulb goes on.  A menu of Hall of Fame, Games, Timeline, Links, Quiz, Bibliography, and Share Inventions awaits you.

 Smithsonian's Inventors and Innovations

Smithsonian: Inventors and Innovation displays selected links to sites hosted by Smithsonian Institution museums and organizations. There, brief histories of famous inventors and inventions including Albert Einstein, the telegraph, the light bulb, and the computer can be found.
Spotlight Biography: Inventors
Spotlight Biography:  Inventors has a wealth of resources, including links to the Lemelson Center, the National Museum of American History, the National Air & Space Museum, the Anacostia Museum, the Real McCoy, African American Invention and Innovation, 1619-1930 , and the Remembering Gallery's exhibit.  Its American Inventors and Inventions section examines a handful of famous American inventors, such as Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Wilbur Wright, and others.
Forgotten Inventors
PBS has a great site of  lesser-known inventors of fascinating inventions such as the can opener, gas mask, feather duster, and frisbee. In addition to this special feature,  the PBS site also includes film, a timeline, gallery, people and events, and even a teacher's guide.