Inventions are a great way to engage your students in technological design.  Inventing involves planning, problem solving, and production - the three "p"s of the technological design process. Inventions evolve out of human needs and wants.  This is a wonderful way to address design technology with your students, and here are some first-rate sites on the Internet to get you started in the process.


IFIA YOUTH invites national and local inventor associations to contribute to the promotion of creativity and inventiveness in girls and boys.  Youth are encouraged to join their 2000 Program that includes a biannual newsletter, national invention contests, and awards in national competition.
Inventure Place:  The National Inventors Hall of Fame!
Inventure Place is dedicated to the creative process.  It's  a museum - and much more. Inventure Place is a laboratory where students can explore their curiosity and creativity. Inventure Place is where they will discover the inventor in them.  At the site, students can visit exhibits such as Richard Scarry's Busytown, Camp Invention, and The National Inventors Hall of Fame!  They can even search the short stories of the inventors in the Hall of Fame, or nominate someone to the Hall of Fame.
The Patent and Trademark Office's Kids' Pages
Twinkle Lights at the US Patent and Trademark Office is geared to kids kindergarten through sixth grade. Among its many offerings, it features a remarkable monthly Patent, Trademark & Copyright Calendar of Trivia.
Kid's Inventor Resources
Inventor Ed presents Kid's Inventor Resources.  At Kid's Inventor Resources, you are one click away from MIT's page about Ronald J. Riley, the first event in August National Inventor's Month, and the US Patent Office Site For Kids.  It includes links to such varied topics as: About Inventions, Girls Invention Page, History of Invention, How Ronald J. Riley became An Inventor, Interesting Invention Links, Inventing Safely, Kid's Books and Software About Invention, Marching To A Different Drummer, The Skippy story for Kids, Toy Inventor David Vogel & Erector Sets, and You want to be an inventor - where to start?  This is a great resource that introduces students to the invention process and its products!
BluePrint Earth
Blue Print Earth features inventions from schools in several countries:  Canada, Denmark , Germany, Mexico, Norway, Sweden, and the USA.  For example,  Mt. Washington Elementary entries include  the Bat Cave, the Acid Rain Sucker-Upper, the Honeycomb Filter, the Puma Crossing and other inventions.  It's an excellent site from which to garner ideas for inventions!