To understand the far reaches of technology, consider the power of the Internet.  Its capacity for innovation has changed the way business is done in our world today.  Let's begin by examining some of the FREE services and products offered on-line via the Internet that directly affect teacher and student consumers connected to this vast network.

School Cruiser

School Cruiser is a new,  free portal to K-12 education that uses the Internet to provide users - administrator, teacher, student,  parent-  with Intranet access within their school community. All the user need do is log on to School Cruiser from any Internet connection with a web browser.    It then allows the user to distribute a wide range of information from club events, schedules, administrative operations to curriculum within the school or school district using a single system.
ePals is the largest communication community on-line.  ePals makes it possible for students in classrooms to connect with other students around the global community.  It offers features such as teacher monitored E-mail, language translation, lesson plans, and many other free resources.
Edu Hound
EduHound.com provides more than 15,000 links to K-12 Educational Internet sites.   Included in its offers are Internet tutorials, lesson plan links, children's authors and publisher links, and  EduHound Weekly -  a weekly newsletter.
Bonus.com is a supersite for kids.  It offers 2,000 free activities from exploring the ocean depths to adventures in space.  Kids can design an airplane, explore the Mekong River, ride the ABC Choo-Choo train, or run a virtual lemonade stand.  Bonus.com is a kid-friendly site where children can safely practice unrestricted browsing.
Kids123.Com, Inc
Kids123.com claims to be the "Place that Rocks"!  It offers kids a varied menu-  visits to Our Planet, Get Smart, Web Cams, Fun & Games, What's Hot, and Giggles.  If you wish to view Kids123.com,  you'll need the flash-plug in that can be downloaded from the site.
NASA Space Link
Space Link has served the educational community since 1988 by providing aeronautic and space resources to educators .  Its click able data base includes Cool Picks, Space Link Express, Educator Focus, The Library, and Hot Topics. From The Library alone, you can search all of NASA.