As the overwhelming need to satisfy human desires grew, people developed better ways to travel, in particular flying.   This on-line review will point you to specific sites where you can begin to explore the topic of flight in depth -- from discovering how things fly to visiting the future with NASA projects.

Aero Design Team Online

Meet Ken Schrock, join a collaborative project, or even win a poster contest as you learn from NASA who is designing the planes of the future, and learn all about how airplanes fly.
How Things Fly
Learn what makes an aircraft fly, a spacecraft stay in orbit, or a balloon float in the air from the exhibition at the National Air and Space Museum.
K-8 Aeronautics Internet Textbook
A great resource of principles of aeronautics, lesson plans, scientists' and engineers' guide, curriculum bridges, and activities to how things fly, myths about flying, and the history of flight.
Ghosts Homepage
A slide show of World War II planes.