Endangered Species: Jaguar

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Submitted by: Kim, Grade 4
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


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Why Study This Topic? What Was Already Known Search for Information Description of Plant or Animal Habitat Requirements
Adaptations Reasons for Endangerment Restoration Actions What Was Learned Conclusions from Research

Why Study This Topic?

    I wanted to study this topic because I did not know too much about the jaguar . I wanted to see how fast the jaguar runs and where it lives.

What Was Already Known

  &nbspBefore I researched the jaguar, I knew that it was part of the cat family and it was a fast runner.

Search for Information

    I started by looking in the March 1990 Owl Magazine. I also had a book called Scientific Encounters of the Endangered Kind.

Description of Plant or Animal

    The jaguar is part of the cat family. The jaguar has four beautiful colours. They are golden brown, yellow, black and white.There is only white on its neck.
 &nbspThe jaguar has small cotton-sized dots all over its fur. This powerful animal has powerful claws. It is a mammal. The jaguar is eight feet long and two to four feet tall. It weighs one hundred to two hundred pounds.

Habitat Requirements

    The jaguar lives in Belize, Central America. The jaguar lives in the understory of the rain forest.


    The jaguar is the only member in the cat family that likes to swim. This helps it to hunt its prey. Its eyes glow in the dark. That helps it see better so that it can kill its prey.

Reasons for Endangerment

    The jaguar is endangered because hunters kill it for its fur so that people can make fur coats. The rain forest is being cut down. When they slash and burn the forest, they kill the jaguar.

Restoration Actions

    People can save the jaguars by not hunting them or using their fur and not shooting them for sport. We can also save them if we stop cutting down the rain forest.

What Was Learned

    I found out that jaguars weigh between one hundred and two hundred eighty pounds. I did not think they were that big. I also learned that their eyes can glow in the dark. I learned that it is fun to do research.

Conclusions From Research

    This is the first time I had to edit my work in a project. That was good because I could find most of my mistakes myself. It helped me complete a good product.
    Research is lots of work, but it is fun, too. I also learned that we need to stop cutting down the rainforest, because it is the only way that we can save the jaguar.

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