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Why Study This Topic? What Was Already Known Search for Information Description of Plant or Animal Habitat Requirements
Adaptations Reasons for Endangerment Restoration Actions What Was Learned Conclusions from Research

Why Study This Topic?

  I would like to find out the habitat and the food source of the Florida panther. I also want to find out the reason for its endangerment.
  I am doing a report on this animal to learn and help future generations of Florida panthers. If people help future generations it might help the Florida panther be taken off the endangered species list. It might also help scientists with their research. I also enjoy doing this, because I am interested in the Florida panther. .

What Was Already Known

  So far, I know the Florida panther hunts small sick and wounded animals. It probably has excellent night vision, because most of the cats I know do. This panther is fairly large compared to other cats.
  The Florida panther hangs upon trees like its cousin the leopard and waits for prey. I am not sure how fast the panther can go , but it can outrun a human. The panther also, like other cats, has claws that spring out while hunting.
  The Florida panther is territorial like most cats.
  I am not sure why the Florida panther is endangered , but I guess its habitat is being destroyed like most endangered animals. People might be cutting down its territory and building towns. If this is true, it might cause endangerment to other animals, including its prey.

Search for Information

  Where I first searched was a failure. It was on the computer. I tried four other computers but none of them worked. Some kids told me some of the other computers I was about to try didn't work either. My next decision was to try an encyclopedia. I couldn't find it in there either. Finally, I got a paper on the Florida panther.

Description of Plant or Animal

  What I know of the Florida panther is interesting. The panther has thick, brown fur and a graceful body for hunting deer. The average weight for the Florida panther male is 147-205 pounds. The male can get as long as 77inches. The female weighs less and is generally smaller.

Habitat Requirements

  The Florida pan ther is a carnivore and eats wild deer. Sometimes, the panther will try to eat a boar and maybe a small animal. The Florida panther has never had a human as part of its diet. I have found that the panther would try to run away rather than attack a human.
  The panther drinks near freshwater streams.
The panther lives any where from Florida, Louisiana, Arkansaw, Mississippi, and sometimes Texas. The Florida panther is rare to see. It favorite habitat is the Florida Everglades.


  The panther can adapt well to the Florida Everglades. The panther's territory overlaps with human property.
  The panther might take a swim to cool off. The panther sometimes will mate with the Texas cougar. That might help it to survive.

Reasons for Endangerment

  The Florida panther is a rare species. It is endangered, because hunters have been killing them and their prey off. Panthers only attack humans if food is scarce. Most people get scared of them and kill them anyway.
  The panther preys upon small animals. Some of their prey are being killed off too. The panther needs some help. If people do not help it, it will not be around in 30 years.


Restoration Actions

  To help save the panther, people can inform others about this animal. By doing this, it'll make humans less afraid and realize why they shouldn't kill it. Then people would know the panther is harmless to humans.
  There are approximantely 30-50 panthers left in the wild. The panther might go to Texas where it can be killed legally. Then there will be even fewer panthers left.

What Was Learned

  I have learned a lot about the Florida panther. Before I did this research, I thought the panther would kill humans if it got the chance. Now, I know the panther is harmless to us.
  Now that I'm about finished with this report I look forward to doing more reports. I also know the threat to the panther's endangerment is serious. .

Conclusions From Research

  From researching the Florida panther, I found out how to look things up on the Internet and how to look for resources. I know how to locate them too. I know sometime in the future I will do a research paper or a report. I hope I do it better then.
  I would like it if it was on another animal such as frogs. I now know the responsibilities of doing a report. I am looking forward to doing another one.


"http://supernet.net/~chrisd/info.html" Florida Panther The New Book of Knowledge (1986). Groiler Inc., Danbury, CT, page 155

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