Endangered Species: Arctic Caribou

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Arctic Caribou
Why Study This Topic? What Was Already Known Search for Information Description of Plant or Animal Habitat Requirements
Adaptations Reasons for Endangerment Restoration Actions What Was Learned Conclusions from Research

Why Study This Topic?

 I'm studying the Arctic caribou.  I want to know everything about the Arctic caribou. I would like to know information such as where it lives, what it eats, and how it eats. I'd also like to know  where it sleeps. Finally, I'd like to know what are its predators and prey.
  I'm interested in the Caribou because its part of the deer family. I've always been interested in deer hunting. In fact, I'm going deer hunting this weekend, and I'll be able to compare the two deer. the White tail and caribou. That's why I'm studying caribou.

What Was Already Known

    Before I searched I knew that caribou were in the Arctic.   I also knew that caribou are called reindeer, like "Santa's" raindeer.  I also knew that The Arctic caribou are in the deer family.  Caribou are a bit bigger than a deer.  The reason the caribou is endangered is because people hunt it too much. There are  hunting parties in Canada, or so there used to be, because its endangered. As you'd expect, the caribou have been over hunted. They've taken action about it, so they're protected.  That's what I know about them.

Search for Information

    I've been to a lot of search places. I've been to an encyclopedia. I've had problems searching on the Internet. It always comes up as something else. I've learned while I was searching that caribou shed their antlers, and they're over hunted. That's my story of caribou search.

Description of Plant or Animal

    The caribou is a brownish animal. It looks a lot like a deer. Caribou have huge antlers. They have gray hooves on them. They have extra thick coats. Caribou are 4-5 feet tall. Caribou are herbivores. They only eat grass and plants like that. Caribou are hunted by people and wolves, so they can run fast. They have very short tails. That's my description of the caribou.

Habitat Requirements

    The caribou have a lot of habitat requirements. Caribou  are herbivores, so they only eat grass and  other plants. Caribou get their water from streams and ponds. Some of them are frozen, so either they brake the ice or wait till another animal like a Musk ox does it. For shelter, they try to get in caves and get shelter. For space, they have the whole outdoors. Caribou are careful around their predators. That's the caribou requirements.


    Caribou have natural enemies. Caribou do not have any prey. Instead they eat plants. Their predators are wolves and people. Wolves love to eat caribou, and so do people. Caribou have great features such as they shed their antlers every year. After they come back, there antlers are covered in velvety growth. Their hooves are also like their boots and flippers.  That's the characteristics of the caribou.

Reasons for Endangerment

    The caribou are endangered.  Logging, coal mining, and oil have greatly reduced the caribou habitat. When areas of forests are not logged, caribou population increases.   As caribou numbers increase, wolves come in and eat them. The Caribou are over hunted. It is illegal to kill caribou in most countries.
Restoration Actions
    Caribou are endangered. They are protected by law, like in Alberta. On some caribou sites, people talk about hunting caribou. Action has and will take place on some of those sites by government authorities. In some countries, it's legal to kill Caribou, so they can have those sites.
    Predators are also a problem. When predator numbers increase, caribou numbers decreases. Caribou are well protected by law. That's the restoration action.

What Was Learned

    The Caribou are all in the deer family. They also have the same qualities, too. They come from the Arctic, like Canada. Caribou have a lot of problems, such as men over hunting them. There are only about 70,000 of them left. That's basically what I learned.

Conclusions From Research

     People should be aware of that caribou are a threatened species. I've learned a lot of research skills such as where to and how to search.
    I think that people should protect the caribou and all other species, endangered or not.
    I also confidence in looking for information. I now have a  lot experience on computers. I've learned
tons of information on this animal.  That's my research on the Arctic caribou.





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