Endangered Species: Stonefly

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Photography courtesy of Virginia's Endangered Species

Why Study This Topic? What Was Already Known Search for Information Description of Plant or Animal Habitat Requirements
Adaptations Reasons for Endangerment Restoration Actions What Was Learned Conclusions from Research

Why Study This Topic?

  My topic is the Stonefly. The Stonefly is an invertebrate, an insect. . It is one of the endangered species of the world. I did this animal, because I am interested in insects, and they are a rare species. Another reason is it's endangered, and I want to know all I possibly can about it.

What Was Already Known

  Before I did research on this animal, I already knew it was an insect. The reason it is endangered is because the people pollute our wetlands. The pollution has an effect on the Stonefly's habitat. Another reason is that all the roads people make near the water is killing the plants it eats.

Search for Information

 . The only place I searched was information taken from a computer which I got from my teacher. I got two pieces of paper full of information on this insect. The problems I had was I couldn't find enough information to do this report.


  The Stonefly's body structure is typical of the body for this animal with a length of 6.0-7.0 millimeters.. The shape of the Stonefly is like a carrot with arms. The color of its body is brown. Itshead is light brown with darker ridges. Its legs are yellowish brown. Its abdomen has a reddish-brown tinge. 

Habitat Requirements

  It can be both a carnivore ( meat eater) or an herbivore (plant eater). This insect is known to live in Tom's Creek, Blacksburg which is in Montgomery County, Virginia. There, this Stonefly lives under a canopy of trees.


Reasons for Endangerment

  No information provided.

Restoration Actions

  To restore this insect, people need to sample the water to see what is living in it and where it is not living. Then they need to make a plan to save these insects. .

What Was Learned

  I learned that the fly was endangered, and that it can live in water as an nymph and on land as an adult. No actions have been taken, that I know of, to help the Stonefly.

Conclusions From Research

  From this paper, I have learned how to write better and do better reports.


  Terwilliger, Karen.1991. "Virginia's Endangered Species" pp. 214,215

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