Endangered Species: Herodias Underwing Moth

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Photography courtesy of Virginia's Endangered Species

Why Study This Topic? What Was Already Known Search for Information Description of Plant or Animal Habitat Requirements
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Why Study This Topic?

  My topic that I am researching is an insect, and its name is the Herodias Underwing Moth. I want to find out why it has such an unusual name.

What Was Already Known

  I insisted that I didn't know of a moth that was endangered. I knew that moths are attracted to light. I think moths are the neatest thing on earth.

Search for Information

 . I looked all over the school for information. I actually found some on the Internet and out of an endangered species book.


  The color of the Herodias Underwing Moth is white, brown, black, and gray. Its shape is a torpedo shape. I could not find out about its size. 

Habitat Requirements

  Its shelter and protection is in a tree or under a tree branch. Its enemies are bats, birds, and spiders. If predators are chasing the moth, it would go to the nearest tree and climb under a branch and stay there as long as the predator stays.


  The moth's camouflage is that its color is that of an animal and its color matches the bark on trees where it hides.

Reasons for Endangerment

  The main reason for its endangerment is man. The threat is that airplanes drop chemicals on the trees, and it kills the Herodias Underwing Moth.

Restoration Actions

  Scientists are trying to breed this moth, and trying to catch it to put it in captivity to keep it safe from human pollution. After the moth has babies, scientists raise the offspring. Then they release the adult moths into the wild. I hope in the future, people will treat all animals as equals. I hope people spray nontoxic chemicals on trees, so it will keep this beautiful moth alive.

What Was Learned

  I learned that the habitat of the Herodias Underwing Moth is unhealthy. I do not know the status of these moths at this point. Scientists are trying all types of ways to save them. I liked reading and researching the Herodias Underwing Moth. They are not many left, because these moths are either in captivity or dead.

Conclusions From Research

  Scientists are trying to build artificial trees to save the Herodias Underwing Moth. In the future, I think conservations will not spray harmful chemicals in trees. The problem is a lot more complicated, because if a particular plane sprays trees then other crop dusting planes claim, "If they can do it, we can too."

 There is another reson why the Herodia's Underwing Moth is on the endangerd species list. The woodsman chop down the trees that are their shelter, food, and protection.

 If this magnificient moth is to survive, I think both spraying chemicals harmful to the Herodias Underwing Moth and chopping down trees must stop.


  Terwilliger, Karen.1991. "Virginia's Endangered Species" Pages: 245-246

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