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Welcome to the Home Page of Catherine Ney,
Presidential Awardee for Excellence in Science, 
Virginia's Technology Teacher of the Year, 
and Christa McAuliffe Fellow! 

Using Literature to Unite the Curriculum

Volume 1: A Teacher's Resource Book for Grades K-2
Volume 2: A Teacher's Resource Book for Grades 3-5

A program that uses children's literature to unify and reinforce mathematics, science, technology education and other areas of instruction across the elementary curriculum.

Overview of Christa McAuliffe Project: UNITES

About the Author

UNITES Book List

UNITES Modules: Levels K-5

Structures: 13 Sample Prototype Activities of UNITES

For more information about UNITES contact:
BEM Publishing, Inc.
707 Crestwood Drive
Blacksburg, Virginia 24060-6005
Fax or Voice: (540) 951-2277
E-mail: or Comments directed to Catherine Ney

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