"TechnoZoo" is an adaptation of the NSF-funded Elementary InTech program model that provides students with hands-on experiences using telecommunication databases to integrate learning throughout the curriculum by designing a zoo. The teacher, Catherine Ney, was sent by the Appalachian Educational Laboratory (AEL) for four days of training at the Miami Museum of Science in the 1995 "Integrating Technology in the Elementary Mathematics and Science Curriculum (Elementary InTech) Trainer Institute". Using Technology to Integrate the Elementary Curriculum contains a description of the funded proposal for TechnoZoo.

      CLICK HERE: for a complete lesson plan "TechnoZoo: Designing a Zoo Habitat" - including national standards.
      HERE: for the lesson plan "Encarta Lesson Plan: TechnoZoo".
      Twenty-five fifth graders at Christiansburg Elementary School (CES) were presented this problem: "In order to understand the future survival of many animals, you will design and construct zoo habitats for endangered animals." Students were then grouped into collaborative teams of four-five each. The teams selected a habitat:
      The teams were also given five animals to save from extinction along with information (characteristics, habitat, predation, enclosure size) to find on their animals. The students used clay, popsicle sticks and paper goods to build model habitats on inch-squared graph paper. Teams began researching information using Internet databases including Animal Information Data Bases at Sea World, San Diego Zoo and Larry's Hotspots . They gathered information from the WWW, used mathematical skills to calculate animal enclosure sizes, and gathered materials to construct their zoo habitats.

      The assessment component of "TechnoZoo" consisted of an oral presentation - students led a 3-5 minute guided tour of their section of the zoo. This model of instruction can easily be adapted for multi-grade levels to integrate a variety of instructional objectives, and it was an experience worth sharing with others. In fact, my fifth graders set up zoo habitats in the classroom, so that children throughout CES could visit their exhibits.
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Catherine Ney 
Grade 5, Teacher - Christiansburg Elementary School

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