African Exhibit


There are two kinds of lion, the Asian and the African lion. My report is on the African lion. In its natural habitat the African lion lives in the plains and lightly forested areas of Africa. It gets water from the ponds and streams that are in these areas. The lion hunts large animals such as the zebra, antelope, and smaller animals. Lions hunt in pairs. Did you know that the African lion lives in groups called prides? A pride includes one male and several female lionesses, along with the cubs. There can be as may as 30 lions in a pride. The lions in a pride travel and live together and even take care of each other when they are sick or hurt.


My animal is the African elephant. I have a baby and a mother in my section of the African exhibit. The African elephant lives on the grasslands. I put it in the zoo, because I wanted to keep it away from poachers. It lives with the rhino because they like to play together. The African elephants has enemies such as lions, tigers, and humans. Humans kill it for its ivory tusks. The mother weighs about six tons, and the baby weighs 300 pounds.

The Cheetah

Did you know that the cheetah is the fastest living animal on Earth? It can run up to 70 miles an hour. The cheetah lives on the African grassland. The cheetah is also color blind and almost always catches its prey. The cheetah eats anything smaller than itself--preferably rodents and Wilde beast. The cheetah's color helps it hunt with speed and agility. A cheetah mother usually gives birth to two to four offspring. The cheetah's few predators are lions and humans.


The rhinoceros lives on the African grassland. Its favorite food is bushes, trees, and grass. It eats vegetation by curling its tongue around its food, then eating it. Its predators are humans, lions, hyenas, and crocodiles. It has one offspring per mating season. It is an endangered species. It grows up to 12 feet long and weighs 21/2 tons (5,000 pounds). There are only 2,500 left in the wild and 150 in captivity. There are five different species of rhino. The word rhino means horn.

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Date Updated: January 18, 2001