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Great White Shark

The great white shark has the strongest jaws ever to belong to a fish. The great white shark's jaws can even crush a boat. The great white has performed 22 shark attacks on men. That is the most any recorded shark has ever had. The great white shark is a feared creature of the sea. Even being the most feared shark, it is also adored by many. The great white even as a killer is still considered a mythical beauty of the sea. The great white shark has reached topped the scales of 3 tons and 33 feet. The great white's colors are gray and white. That is my report on th great white.

Sting Ray

Sting rays are marine fish,cousin of the shark. They can grow up to be 1-15 feet in width and 14 feet in length. They also get to be 1-750 lbs. Their diet is mainly mollusk, crustaceans, and other types of fish. Their tails are used to make spear tips, daggers, and even needles in the West Indies. In Mexico, hundreds of sting rays gather at sea beds. They call them ray pits.

Tiger Shark

The tiger shark may travel up to fifty miles per day, and their regular diet is anything they can eat. The length of a full grown shark is 10-14 feet in length, but the biggest tiger shark that was caught was 23 feet long. The tiger shark is a deadly predator. It usually swims using sinuous movements of its own body. Its high back and dorsal fin acts as a fulcrum , allowing it to spin quickly on its axis. I hope you have enjoyed my report, because I enjoyed researching it.

Clown Fish

The amphipian percula is three different species of clownfish. The common clownfish, the true clownfish, and the percula clownfish This clownfish is often confused with the false clownfish. They often live in a peaceful enviroment. Its temperature is 26 degrees. The clownfish can be found in a sea anemone. Often, a bigger stronger fish will come along and eat the anemone, and it may die from the poisonious sting.

Purple Sea Snail

The purple sea snail is interesting. It floats at the top part of the water. It floats on "rafts" of bubbles or on jellyfish.

The Purple Sea Snail is in class Gastropoda, order Mesogastropoda, and family Janthinidae. They are sometimes called Janthina snails.

Its shell is fragile. Only the larvae have operculums, the horny part that covers the shell opening and protects the body inside. In some species, even larvae are operculum-lacking.

Janthina Snails have one gill and two heart chambers. Unlike humans, only oxygen-filled blood passes through the heart.

Do you think Purple Sea Snails are interesting, too?

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Date Updated: January 18, 2001