Evaluation Form: Oral Presentation on Marine Animal

Student's Name:

Marine Animal's Name:

  1. Each student will research a marine animal, including its classification, characteristics, habitat requirements (food, shelter, space), enclosure size, habits, and interesting facts.
  2. Each student will design an animal model that fits into the overall marine community.
  3. Each student will give a three to five minute oral report on their marine animal.
  4. Each student must tell how their marine animal fits into the overall habitat of the exhibit (e.g., Intertidal, Open Ocean, Chesapeake Bay, Coral Reef, The Depths, or Kelp Forest ).
  5. Each student will answer questions from the audience (i.e., visitors to the aquariums) in addition to the three to five minute presentation.

Introduction: Does the beginning set the tone of the presentation? Is the length appropriate?

Material: Did the student adequately research the marine animal? Did the student explain how their marine community provides for the animal's needs?

Interpretation: Does the student's presentation show that the student practiced?

Delivery: Does the student speak smoothly, loudly, and clearly?

Audience: Does the student keep eye contact with the audience? How can the student improve audience participation? Does the student ask for questions from the audience?


I rank this student________________ Scale: 100-90=A (Superior), 89-80=B (Excellent), 79-70=C (Good), 69-60 (Needs Improvement)

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Date Entered : February 16, 1997
Date Updated: March 9, 1998